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Ocean Regenerative goes Urban

December 12, 2020

Kelp beds were once abundant in the waters of the Salish Sea. Despite many reasons why the number of kelp beds has dropped, we want to understand if it can still grow if given a fighting chance. The Granville Island Sea Village and ORA are working together to put this hypothesis to the test. With the help from members of the community, and while practicing social distancing, approximately 35 meters of line was seeded in between the floating homes of the sea village in False Creek. 

There can be several environmental benefits associated with growing kelp in False Creek, such as acidification reduction, creating habitat for salmon fry and herring to spawn, and absorbing carbon dioxide from the water. Kelp absorbs up to 10 times as much carbon than trees, and situated so close to the city could mean that a kelp bed in false creek will yield positive effects on the water quality. It was an exciting day for everyone involved. The weather cooperated, and Jen brought the coffee!

Matthias Kempe

March 5, 2021

Canadian Kelp Resources and Ocean Regenerative Aquaculture Enter Agreement to Produce Kelp-based Biostimulants

Canadian Kelp and Ocean Regenerative are teaming up to develop, produce and market soil and plant biostimulant products

December 14, 2020

Ocean Regenerative Nursery is Up and Running

After a few minor delays, the ORA/Magee Nursery is growing healthy kelp sporophytes

October 15, 2020

Ocean Regenerative and Magee Collaborate on Kelp Nursery Experiment

Students at Magee High School test their appetite for Kelp Cultivation

March 2, 2021

We got Kelp

Initial Observations of ORA test lines are providing useful data on site selection and productivity

December 12, 2020

Ocean Regenerative goes Urban

Ocean Regenerative and Granville Island Sea Village collaborate to explore the feasibility of kelp growth in False Creek

Feb 20, 2021

The Ocean Regenerative Team is Growing

Ocean Regenerative announces Executive Chef Ned Bell as its Culinary Director

December 14, 2020

Ocean Regenerative is in the Water!

Ocean Regenerative travels the coast to deploy test lines in the Pacific Northwest

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